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What does SEWPPA stand for?  You haven’t the foggiest right?  Most people don’t!  I am a proud member of Southeastern Wisconsin Professional Photographers Association!  This year I have taken it one step farther and I am on the Board of Directors!  Why you ask?  You want your Doctor to be in on the latest cutting edge techniques, don’t you?  How about your hairstylist?  Don’t you want someone that can stay on top of the trends?  Being involved in the PPA branches does that for the professional photographer.  Many hours of education and training goes into being a truly professional photographer.

When choosing the person that is documenting your special moments, please take the time to think about what your investing in.  The finished images will be your heirlooms for your family to be passed on for years to come.  Nothing is better than after your session, hanging a portrait that brings a smile to your face each day.   Ten years from now that same portrait may bring a tear to your eyes.   Don’t short change your family by not having those priceless prints.  Hire a professional that will provide you with a finished product that will be a part of your love and legacy long after your gone.